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Tsebo: Now providing quality, effective ‘fit for purpose’ pest control

It is with good reason that the pests found in households, offices, industrial and FMCG environments and even gyms, have earned themselves a treacherous reputation.

Aside from being a nuisance with their pesky gnawing ways that cause expensive damage to stock and equipment, pests like cockroaches, rodents, fleas and flies can transmit life-threatening illnesses and diseases to your people, by jeopardising the hygiene and safety of the environments they inhabit. Thereby also resulting in fewer staff ‘’sick days’.

It was with this in mind that Donovan Foster, General Manager – Tsebo Hygiene Solutions, saw an opportunity to add value to the Division’s Bundled service offering through the addition of Pest Control Services.

Now in its sixth month, Tsebo Pest Control Solutions is gaining traction across South Africa with a satisfied customer base in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and most recently, KwaZulu-Natal.

The team of highly skilled professionals have undergone rigorous training to become certified PCO’s – Pest Control Officers and registered members of the South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA).

In addition, and in line with Tsebo’s commitment to the environment, they make use of environmentally sustainable treatments with the least associated hazards by adhering to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) programmes. One example is the use of bait boxes and multi-feed rodenticide, which ensure that rats and mice consume only small quantities of the poison over consecutive days. This effectively minimises the risk of secondary poisoning of non-target animals such as pets, birds and livestock.

Other focus areas are discrete fly control units; cockroach treatment, primarily through residual spray and insecticidal gel bait and; ant and termite control solutions.

“Our integrated approach to pest management and prevention provides an effective and sustainable approach to pest control,” said Donovan Foster. “Aside from ongoing housekeeping and maintenance, we make use of technology to provide the best possible ‘fit for purpose’ service to our clients.”

Tsebo Pest Control Solutions uses a monthly dashboard, automated proof-of-service and proof-of-delivery system, and conducts quarterly quality assurance audits to ensure that all measures of its integrated-pest-management system are in effect.

“Pest Control Solutions extends Tsebo Hygiene Solutions’ commitment to high standards of practice, knowledge and capability,” said Monwabisi Kalawe – CEO Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene. “The synergy between these divisions is apparent and allows Tsebo to add value for our customers through a single point of reference and the opportunity for bundled deals.

“We are excited to see the inroads Tsebo Pest Control Solutions has made in the short time since its launch and consider it a welcome addition to the business.”

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