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Over 25 years of close partnership with the
largest private and public healthcare
providers in AME, delivering tailored,
integrated solutions.


Cleanliness and infection control are of paramount importance in healthcare. The simple task of moving assets around the site – of little consideration in other industries – needs to be precisely planned and managed in healthcare, in order to prevent the spread of infection and avoid cross-contamination.

Healthcare facilities are high-tech environments which make use of specialised equipment – maintaining this equipment requires an understanding of how to manage gases, reticulation, sterilisation, suction and lighting equipment. Every surgical cycle requires sterilisation and the precise use of consumables, detergents and materials. Tsebo’s staff is highly trained in all of these elements, and can routinely turn around an operating theatre in under 7 minutes.

There is more to hospitals than theatres, wards and ICU requirements. Tsebo maintains specific conditions of temperature and ventilation to prevent infection, and in such environments, it is procedure to run weekly “black starts”, to test that electrical cutovers to generators are 100% seamless.

Tsebo has deep knowledge in healthcare catering. A team of dieticians produces a range of over 20 different healing menus for specific medical conditions. These are prescribed by doctors as essential to healing. The maintenance of a triple back-up system on critical assets and processes is standard, ensuring that all infrastructure is sound. Waterproofing is particularly key, as water can be highly instrumental in the spread of infection. Tsebo operates under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols.