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Tsebo Mozambique – A change driver for social sustainability

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children,” said the late former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela once.

Since 1983, Tsebo has been a sustainable social development partner with a transformation ethos that guides us to develop, employ, capacitate and partner to benefit our people and local communities. Hence our Group’s purpose statement: We DEVELOP people, to SERVE people to UPLIFT society. Additionally, our Group’s value of ‘Caring’ inspires our employees to support and care for the most vulnerable – the children in our communities.

In honour of Orphan Sunday, celebrated annually on the second Sunday of November, Tsebo Mozambique volunteers distributed toys and other necessities to three NGOs  –  Fundacao Sim Ressano Mozambique, Project Purpose Tchumene Mozambique and All Nations Mozal Djuba Mozambique.

The NGOs will distribute the items amongst the children in their respective areas and/or to the children directly in their care. Worth mentioning is that the toys were generously donated by our Tsebo client –  Fantazia Toy Store.

Orphan Sunday raises awareness about the plight of orphans and displaced children worldwide. The day is also dedicated to drawing attention to the varying situations of the world’s orphaned children and participating in raising support and funding for them. Lastly, Orphan Sunday serves as a reminder to acknowledge and thank the thousands of caregivers worldwide who have dedicated their lives to working with orphaned children.

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s sentiments and our Group’s purpose and values, Tsebo Mozambique is committed to being one of the change drivers advocating for better treatment of all orphaned children and a brighter future for all.