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Sustainability’s Role in Mining’s Future: Insights from Tsebo Zimbabwe

In this article featured in issue 71 of Mining in Zimbabwe magazine, Nomsa Ngono, Project Coordinator at Tsebo Zimbabwe, explores the transformative role of sustainable Facilities Management in the high-stakes world of modern-day mining. This thought leadership piece emphasises the critical importance of soft and hard services in mitigating occupational stress, boosting operational efficiency, and fostering sustainable production practices in mining and industrial settings.

Ngono’s narrative also sheds light on the evolution of Facilities Management solutions. Traditionally focused on soft and hard services, these solutions have transcended their original scope, embracing a surplus of new-age services. This notion has given rise to what is now known as Workplace Management Solutions – a broader term that encapsulates the comprehensive approach to creating efficient, sustainable, and employee-friendly work environments.

From nurturing ‘home away from home’ environments and uplifting to championing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, the article is an important resource for industry insiders and enthusiasts. Readers are invited to discover how Tsebo initiatives spearhead a more sustainable and efficient future for the continent’s mining industry – click here to read the full article.

Written by Nomsa Ngono, Project Coordinator at Tsebo Zimbabwe, and Co-authored by Scott Antony Newland, Commercial Director, Tsebo International

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