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Tsebo has the expertise to support the growing Retirement Village industry

Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and improved public health initiatives, people live longer – a phenomenon that caused the retirement industry to thrive and multinational service solutions companies, like Tsebo, to take note.

Fedics, Tsebo’s largest contract catering solutions business, recently exhibited at the Retirement Village Manager’s Summit, which was held at the Century City Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa.

Eelco Camminga, Fedics Managing Director – Inland Commercial, led the team at the event and believes that the summit was a ‘brilliant’ platform for the team to network with potential customers, developers, and healthcare professionals in the industry while showcasing how Tsebo’s Integrated Management Solutions can support Retirement Villages.

“With over 47 years of experience in supporting our customers across Africa Middle East and a contract retention rate of 95%, we are ideally positioned to contribute to the success of this rapidly growing market segment,” says Camminga.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, people throughout the world are living longer than ever before. In fact, in South Africa alone, life expectancy among the middle class is now 79 for men and 83 for women. More than 6% of South Africans are aged over 60, and this figure is expected to double over the next 30 years. It is for this reason that the demand for retired living for the elderly is set to intensify.

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“The two-day event was well organised, and it gave us the platform to speak directly to the decision makers of retirement establishments, to understand their challenges and to learn more about the current trends in their industry,” says Camminga.

One such tendency revolves around the types of lifestyles senior citizens now choose to lead after retirement. People are generally healthier when they reach their average retirement age – this directly changes the way the elderly ‘think’ about their retirement and redefines the concept for Retirement Villages as we know it.

To stay relevant and competitive, Retirement Villages have to offer their residents a broad spectrum of lifestyle choices, ranging all the way from living active, healthy and social lives right through to managing a quieter existence, needing frail care facilities and tailored dietetic requirements.

According to Camminga, Tsebo’s Living Lifestyle badge, is an agile and tailor-made approach for helping Retirement Villages expand their service offerings to customers while experiencing lower complexity, cost and risk.

“From offering restaurant-style catering solutions and manicuring pristine gardens to cleaning frail care facilities and serving balanced meals that improve the well-being of patients, Tsebo has the solutions that can help improve the productivity and efficiency of retirement establishments in a progressively competitive market.”