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Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.


Tsebo Employee Experience Survey result highlights

At Tsebo, we believe that a  strong company culture encourages engagement, improves productivity, attracts and retains the best talent, and helps us to stand together as an organisation. Our people have always been our number one asset and experience has taught us that by developing our people we build a knowledgeable workforce that is in touch with every nuance of our clients’ needs.

So, it is with enormous pride that we reviewed the results of our 2021 Employee Experience Survey. Altogether over 11 900 employees voluntarily responded to the survey, which revealed a high level (79%) of positive sentiment towards the Group and an overall engagement index of 80% in comparison to SA’s benchmark of 60%.  Overall, 81% of employees indicated that they feel connected to their work, 80% trust Tsebo’s leadership to make the right decisions, and 75% believe that Tsebo cares for their well-being and positively influences their communities.

Please view/download the poster here to see more results from our passionate and committed employees.

Our biennial experience survey allows Tsebo’s leadership to have a more accurate picture of how our employees feel about working for the Group. The results provide us with detailed information and allow us to adapt and bolster our commitment to enabling, empowering and engaging our people to deliver excellent service to our clients. We value the concrete views expressed by our teams on how we can work together to realise a high-performance service culture within Tsebo.

“At Tsebo, we are committed to building a sustainable organisation by creating a work environment where employees can develop their skills, grow their careers, and make a meaningful contribution to Tsebo and the broader community,” says Elanie Kruger, Group Chief Human Resources Officer.