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Any fool can save money

Facilities Solutions

Michael Porters Value Chain model in the 1980’s promoted the idea that organisations should outsource their non-core activities to allow them to concentrate on their core business.

The advent of outsourcing launched a new industry that we know today as Facilities Management. Tsebo Facilities Solutions (previously known as Drake and Scull) has been around since the birth of outsourced Facilities Management in South Africa. From office park maintenance and landscaping to switchboard operations and archiving, Tsebo Facility Solutions is synonymous with expertise in technical and non-technical business support services. Our parent company, Tsebo Solutions Group is nearing its 50th year of operation.

The outsourcing argument goes something like this: Facilities Management (FM) supports an organisation’s core business functions. With Tsebo, your non-core FM, becomes our core business. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver continuous cost benefits whilst improving the quality of non-core services. This allows our customers to uninterruptedly focus on their key business priorities – providing a convincing business case for outsourcing FM to the experts.

Unfortunately, none-core activities are sometimes perceived as expendable or less valuable when companies review their economic strategies, subsequently leading to FM being a target of cost-cutting exercises and short-term contract devaluations. There is a fine balance between efficiently managing costs and running the risk of driving down cost to the point where it starts impacting your ability to deliver core business.

As the saying from ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Robert Kiyosaki goes, “any fool can save money, only a wealthy person knows how to spend it”.

As the premier FM company in the industry, Tesbo Facilities Solutions will construct a solution specifically for your organisation that will provide the business case for investing in Facilities Management so that short-term cost cutting does not impact your organisations ability to achieve your strategic objectives.