We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.


Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.


Tsebo Agile Solutions

By taking care of the practicalities around creating a safe and compliant work environment for employees to return to and keeping operations flowing, Tsebo Agile allows you to get back to optimising your core business.

While 2020 was a year of global economic downfall and health challenges as a result of the coronavirus, most companies have now realised the importance of moving from a ‘reactive and defensive’ stance to a ‘proactive and strategic’ approach to rebuilding their businesses in 2021.

However, returning to offices and other more normalised work environments comes with a number of new considerations such as the well-being of employees and compliance to new regulations while still keeping business running at an optimal level.

At Tsebo Agile we believe that there are a number of ways to improve productivity, save costs and ensure a safe environment for your employees without having to overcomplicate or overthink risk mitigation and other solutions. We help clients #ReturnToWork and adapt to the ‘new normal’ through a range of solutions that allow access to Tsebo’s vast expertise and experience at a fraction of the price. What’s more, our solutions are agile and can be scaled according to a businesses’ needs and budget.

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