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Tsebo stands in solidarity with the TEARS Foundation in the fight against gender-based violence & domestic abuse

There is a growing concern that the COVID-19 lockdown is amplifying South Africa’s already high levels of gender-based violence (GBV) and domestic abuse, as it has in other countries around the world where restrictions on movement have been imposed.

In the first week of South Africa’s lockdown, the government’s GBV Command Centre received 2,300 calls and complaints. However, organisations that assist survivors fear that this is only the tip of the iceberg, as trends show that victims now trapped with their abusers, struggle to seek help and often suffer in silence.

This is exactly why public-benefit organisations need all the support they can get and why Tsebo has decided to stand in solidarity with our longstanding partner, the TEARS Foundation, in the fight against domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. The TEARS Foundation is a registered Non-profit Organisation and Public-Benefit Organisation that uses technology innovatively to help victims reach out via a 24-hour free SMS service. The service identifies the closest centre where victims can get help and assist in connecting them to a range of facilities and groups that offer supplementary support, care and shelter. For more on the foundation and the incredible work they do, please visit: tears.co.za

Since 2013, Tsebo Solutions Group has assisted TEARS by providing the foundation with financial assistance for their activism campaigns. During these difficult times, Tsebo has decided to extend its support in order to strengthen the foundation’s efforts in helping victims to reach out for help.

“We have a vision for South Africa, one where adults and children are free from sexual violence – a vision that is thankfully shared by Tsebo, who has supported TEARS for the past 7 years,” says Mara Glennie, Founder and Director of the TEARS Foundation.

TEARS is a critical partner in our journey to making an impactful difference in the lives of others. In line with our value of ‘Caring’, we are honoured to be able to offer additional support during these challenging times and to back the foundation in their efforts to curtail GBV and domestic abuse.