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Celebrating Africa Month: A Call to Action for Sustainable Business Practices

As we mark Africa Month, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the continent’s progress and the urgent need for sustainable business practices. This observance honours African unity and cultural richness, highlighting the importance of ecological and economic strategies for a sustainable future.

Sharon Beulich, Director of Business Development and Sustainability at ATS, emphasises the critical role of businesses in transforming Africa’s future. She highlights how ATS, Tsebo’s specialist Remote Site business, turns remote locations into sustainable hubs across 26 African countries, demonstrating how to accelerate ESG goals.

“We have invested over $195 million in local communities, engaging over 350 certified local suppliers, 60% of which are women’s groups, in 2023 alone. Remarkably, 79% of ATS’s workforce comes from these local communities, and 98% from the host countries. Additionally, ATS has launched over 250 agricultural mega projects in collaboration with 300 local cooperatives,” says Beulich.

ATS’s deep roots in local communities across Africa facilitate truly sustainable supply chains and economic empowerment, serving as a model worthy of emulation. Their holistic approach encompasses robust environmental management systems, water access programmes, crop irrigation, gender inclusion, transparency, and skills transfer.

Find out how businesses and individuals can use these insights to reaffirm their dedication to sustainability, not just as a fundamental pursuit but as a strategic opportunity to improve Africa’s future:



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