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When opportunity meets a brave, hard-working individual, it results in success. I would like to introduce you to a remarkable woman and her story.

Mathapelo Makoro was born on 23 November 1983, to Benedicta Makoro. She grew up without a father, under the nurturing hands of her mother. Times were hard and although her mother was hard working, she did not have a permanent job. She shared the story of them sleeping inside storm water drains when family and friends were unable put them up for the night. She was about 7 years old at the time. Her mother was a strong woman who instilled the values of respect and care. She encouraged her to finish school and make a better life for herself. She also taught Mathapelo life skills; how to cook and how to earn money.

Mathapelo had to get up early in the mornings before school started to make ‘vetkoek’ batter so that her mother could prepare vetkoek. Her mom sold the vetkoek at Mathapelo’s school. She was in Grade 1 at the time. During soccer matches, they would wake up very early, make vetkoek and arrived at the stadium at three o’clock in the morning. When she was 14 years old, they arrived at the soccer stadium one morning and she saw some men standing around. They told her they were there for a security job. She asked to speak to their supervisor and asked if he would consider her to work for the day, even though she was underaged. He allowed her to work for a day as a security guard and she earned R70.

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