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Tsebo Cleaning Solutions and East Coast Hospitality SolutionsTsebo Solutions | Integrated Workplace Management Solutions

We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.


Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.


Tsebo Cleaning Solutions KZN incorporating East Coast Hospitality Solutions

EAST Coast Hospitality Solutions (ECHS) is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading hospitality service providers – cleaning hotels and timeshare resorts across Durban, the North Coast, South Coast and the Midlands, and with a footprint in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.


The company, which is now a brand within the Tsebo Outsourcing Group, was founded in 2007 by Kim Castleman, who had a vision to provide the end user with a more personalised service and greater attention to detail. That vision has stood East Coast Hospitality Solutions well – helping it grow from humble beginnings with just four contracts into a large organisation employing up to 800 employees.

During this period the company expanded its cleaning service offering to include commercial industrial and residential property cleaning. Although the company has grown substantially, its founders have carefully selected a management team to ensure that the founding vision is never compromised.

Tsebo buyout

In June of 2012, East Coast Hospitality was bought out by the Tsebo Outsourcing Group, Africa’s largest facilities management group which owns brands such as Drake and Skull, Fedics and Tsebo Cleaning Solutions. The acquisition of ECHS has enabled Tsebo product offering, which now includes “the soft touch of hospitality” in its already wellestablished business in the commercial and hospital cleaning sector. Tsebo Cleaning KZN, incorporating both brands, is now rapidly gaining a wider market share across the region.

Kim Castleman


Tsebo Cleaning Solutions KZN incorporating East Coast Hospitality Solutions continues to be headed by Kim Castleman. She began her career as an executive housekeeper in a leading hotel, and has a passion for her field of expertise as well as a natural affinity for working with people. Castleman constantly strives for perfection in her work and in her life. The team at Tsebo Cleaning KZN share in her passion and work ethic – making them a powerful and empowered team. “We strive to provide superior client value through great product quality and the best in client service,” explains Castleman. “As a company, we believe strongly that in order to provide a great service, soma recomended dose india, it must be personalised.

“We therefore strive to keep the portfolio of each operational management team small – thereby enabling them to spend adequate time on our clients’ properties to grow and develop our team.” The company also spends a great deal of time on training, and its training department is headed by Aneesah Ramchander, a Setaaccredited trainer with 30 years’ experience. “Including our brand as part of your property management plan is a guarantee of quality results.We are proud to have retained our clients and would like to thank all of them for their continued support. “Plans are underway to roll out ECHS as a hospitality brand nationally – and we are excited about what the future holds,” concludes Castleman.

Publication: EAST Coast Hospitality

Date: 2013/05/30

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