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The Science of Cleaning and Hygiene: Issue 8 | Spring | September 2022

Pest Control


By Marliza Snyman, Managing director of Tsebo Hygiene and Pest Control

In a world where disease carrying pathogens and pests continuously evolve, Tsebo Hygiene and Pest Control, as part of the Tsebo Solutions Group, is employing technology and innovation to stay one step ahead through more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions.

When it comes to problem pests (and even diseasecausing pathogens) the instinct for life is not dissimilar to that of humans. Their drive is primarily to survive and at an optimal level, to procreate and thrive. To achieve this, they need a safe place to live and a readily available source of food and water – often conveniently found in homes, office blocks, warehouses, and factories where humans provide the perfect environments for pests to flourish. Once they are comfortable in their new homes they are relentless and highly competent at hanging on to their digs, constantly evolving and building resilience to poisons and other preventative or eradicative methods.

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