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Solar Power, Major Savings: The Sun City-Tsebo R1 Million Success Case Study

Explore how Sun City, a premier entertainment and casino resort in South Africa, embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable energy in this compelling Case Study – taking you behind the scenes of installing over 2,500 solar panels, strategically placed to optimise the North West’s sunny conditions without compromising the resort’s aesthetics. Tsebo’s role was crucial in integrating renewable energy with existing infrastructure, focusing on ethical practices and local community engagement.

Building on the initial success of saving over R1 million in energy costs within just two months, as indicated by Tsebo’s Consumption Intelligence software, Sun City is now taking the next steps towards energy autonomy. The Tsebo-Sun City Partnership is expanding its efforts beyond the Valley of Waves to transition the entire resort off the national grid.

Download the full case study to uncover the intricate details of this remarkable energy transformation, a beacon of innovation and resilience in the face of South Africa’s energy challenges.

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