We have the local expertise and global standards to offer our clients services and solutions that improve workplace productivity and supports their success.


Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.



For Tsebo, transformation and localisation has never been a compliance requirement. It is part of our DNA and is weaved into our business model, business processes, cultural values and business strategy. Our local shareholders, communities and staff have benefitted directly and financially over the years, all to the benefit of their stakeholders.Underneath our track record of true, empowering localisation lies an enormous amount of hard work and commitment to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of successful partnership.

Our ATS brand alone is a major contributor to the economic development of the local communities where it operates. Since 2012, 2850 community suppliers have received training from ATS while more than 80% of the company’s workforce is hired from these communities. Over 235 local businesses have been engaged to supply dry goods and consumables and more than 287 agricultural business activities support ATS operations. Procurement value from these businesses represents 21% of ATS’s total procurement – USD 11.5 million per year.

Tsebo shareholders exemplify the principle of meaningful participation, and are deeply rooted in rural communities. Our structured development programmes and recruitment policies ensure our staff are given every possible opportunity to use their potential and reach their aspirations. Tsebo embraces local procurement by working with large and small local suppliers in every possible manner.

Tsebo invests in their development on an ongoing basis. Individuals with disabilities are employed in at least nine operating functions and divisions, including cleaning, catering, managerial, customer liaison,finance and corporate services.