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How Tsebo’s saved Mercedes-Benz SA save 20% on their cleaning expenditure

A look into how Tsebo’s advanced cleaning technologies and methodologies helped Mercedes-Benz SA save 20% on their cleaning expenditure

In need of a specialised cleaning team, Mercedes Benz South Africa were on the lookout for a supplier that could provide technological and innovative services, from office and dealerships to workshop spaces. It wasn’t long until Tsebo Cleaning became part of the integrated facilities management solution across Mercedes Benz headquarters, retail, commercial, and passenger vehicle sectors.

Advanced cleaning technology

As an approach to solving outdated practices, Tsebo Cleaning sought to implement their services that not only improved efficiency, but would also assist in reducing costs. By introducing advanced cleaning technologies and methodologies to upkeep the quality of Mercedes Benz SA across the board, Tsebo was able to save the company 20% on their cleaning expenditure. The Tsebo Cleaning team used their expertise to provide a higher-level of quality service as well as tenable support.
“We need to remain the best and ensure that technology is top-of-mind. I am proud that our vision has not only been achieved by us as a brand, but also by our suppliers. Our robotic vacuum is a great addition to our dealership and continues to impress all those who see it,” says Alex Boavida, Dealer Principle of Mercedes Benz South Africa, Sandton.

Sustainable cleaning solutions

Furthermore, Tsebo introduced its trademark colour coded cleaning system. This helped the team determine what cleaning products and techniques best suit the job on hand and how to avoid cross-contamination; similar to what you would find in hospital cleaning services. The Tsebo team used eco-friendly cleaning products, and efficient energy consumption to achieve the desired sustainable output. The advanced technologies and practices that Tsebo implements into Mercedes Benz SA vary from one operation to another. Such services include: The Operations and Quality Management App, Key-control App, i-Mop, and ‘Irene’ – Africa’s first cobotic vacuum.

With over 120 employees at Mercedes-Benz SA and  of workspace to clean, Tsebo’s team manages to bring in a 20% saving over a 4-year contract period. Moreover, the benefits have proven to go far beyond cleaning and savings. The Tsebo staff are well-trusted and incredibly reliable as they are highly trained and have round-the-clock access to senior management. Site-based contract managers and supervisors are also on standby to focus on quality control and address daily site challenges.

“Tsebo prides itself in the quality it provides to its clients and best-in-class innovation. As a proud partner to Mercedes Benz South Africa, the team went above and beyond to deliver; elevating a personal and professional touch that is setting high standards within each and every service,” says Monwabisi Kalawe, CEO of Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Services.

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