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Fedics Regional Executive Chef selected as Chairperson of the SA Chefs Association KZN Committee

Oliver Reddy, our Fedics KZN Regional Executive Chef, has been selected as the Chairperson of the South African Chefs Association’s (SACA) KZN Committee.

According to Oliver, Tsebo has helped him to ‘live’ his culinary dream, which is to improve the quality and standards of the industry, while uplifting and developing new gastronomical talent.

“Some chefs dream about Michelin Stars and becoming famous, but my real passion lies in people development and simply leaving the industry in a better place than what I have found it. Tsebo shares my passion for uplifting people and improving quality standards and has allowed me to do what I love, every day.”

SACA is a non-profit industry body that represents the interests of chefs, cooks and caterers at all levels, with a focus on skills development, the celebration of culinary professionals and transforming the industry.

“I believe that my role as Chairperson of the SACA KZN Committee will help me to further my culinary vision. I am honoured to represent Tsebo as a true leader in the industry and hope to fly our brand’s purpose flag high – WE DEVELOP PEOPLE, TO SERVE PEOPLE, TO UPLIFT SOCIETY,” says Oliver.

Well done Oliver! With your impressive culinary repertoire and a passion for developing and uplifting people, Tsebo is honoured to have you on our team.