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Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.


Environmental Responsibility

At Tsebo we believe it is the responsibility of every business to manage its emissions and waste with as much energy, attention and innovation as is given to pursuing business objectives. We answer the challenge of environmental responsibility across all of its operations.

  • Our catering operations adhere to a strict code of environmental conduct, managing their carbon footprints and providing encouragement and support for client initiatives that seek to minimise impact on the environment.
  • Our cleaning practices are structured in order to minimise chemical waste and environmental harm, while our ISO 9000 facilities management standards deliver environmentally sound services.
  • Through our Energy division, we make every effort to reduce energy consumption at our existing operations and in our wider market portfolio.
  • We run employee environmental awareness programmes and we have a mandatory supply chain environmental policy revision to ensure alignment with the Group’s carbon footprint targets.
  • Our hygiene programme improvement campaign is externally audited and its Star Grading Programme annually reviewed to ensure that the scope of its environmental evaluation is consistently broadened.
  • Tsebo follows a policy of open disclosure to public stakeholders, government bodies and interest groups on its environmental performance.