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Engagement Boosts Productivity: Insights from Tsebo’s 23,000 plus Pan-African Employee Survey

Explore the transformative impact of employee engagement on productivity through insights from Tsebo Solutions Group’s Pan-African Employee Experience Survey. With feedback from over 23,000 employees across 23 countries, this survey highlights how engaged employees propel Tsebo’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the workplace. Discover the key findings that show a strong sense of engagement and trust within Tsebo, underscoring the critical role of a positive workplace culture in enhancing operational efficiency and overall success. For a closer look at how Tsebo leads employee satisfaction and its benefits, watch our video or download the infographic.

Tsebo Solutions Group, a leader in integrated workplace management solutions across Africa, is proud to announce the successful outcomes of its inaugural Pan-African Employee Experience (EE) Survey conducted in 2023. The survey’s 74% participation rate and average positive sentiment of 80% across responses, underscores Tsebo Group’s unwavering commitment to its employees’ voice across the continent, marking strides in its employee engagement initiatives.

Employee engagement holds a pivotal role in the B2B and services sector, with its significance particularly pronounced at Tsebo, where employees are integral to both operations and client relations. Engaged employees are the driving force behind service excellence, innovation, and reliability—key factors distinguishing Tsebo in the African market and embodying Tsebo’s tagline promise: A Workplace that Works for You.

The survey drew participation from over 23,000 employees spanning 23 countries, ensuring a wide-reaching and inclusive dialogue. Notably, 93% of the feedback came from frontline employees, emphasising the survey’s effectiveness in capturing the perspectives of those at the heart of Tsebo’s operations. This enthusiastic engagement from employees underscores Tsebo’s dedication to valuing every employee’s experience and insights.

The survey’s results revealed a strong sense of engagement and trust in leadership within Tsebo. This achievement, together with an above-average positive sentiment, reflects Tsebo’s positive culture and strategic approaches to employee satisfaction and retention and aligns with the wider recognition that highly engaged organisations thrive at double the success rate of their less engaged counterparts.

It’s important to highlight the intrinsic link between employee engagement and organisational productivity. As underscored by a comprehensive meta-analysis conducted by the Gallup Organization, cited in the Harvard Business Review by John Baldoni, organisations with high levels of engagement report a staggering 22% higher levels of productivity. This statistic is a testament to the efficiency gains and the broader spectrum of positive outcomes associated with strong employee engagement. For Tsebo, this correlation underscores the value of their engagement initiatives, revealing that their focus on nurturing a positive workplace culture extends beyond morale. It directly impacts their bottom line by promoting outcomes beneficial for both employees and clients alike.

Elanie Kruger, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Tsebo, expressed her gratitude towards the workforce for their strong participation and valuable feedback. “We are deeply thankful for the insights provided by our employees. Your feedback is pivotal in our ongoing efforts to cultivate a supportive and dynamic work environment. Together, we are building a brighter, more sustainable future,” Kruger stated.

Considering that 80% of our employees recognise Tsebo’s beneficial impact on society, the survey highlights its success in nurturing a community spirit that promotes creativity and enhances risk management through sustainable practices, ensuring long-term success for Tsebo and its clients. Additionally, Tsebo’s commitment to improving the employee experience is a forward-thinking strategy that supports a high-performance culture and drives innovation and excellence across its African operations.

This approach not only ensures that the company is well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the B2B services market, sustain its growth trajectory, and continue delivering unparalleled value to its clients across Africa but also, as Tsebo continues to analyse and act on the survey feedback, it renews its dedication to creating an environment where every employee feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute to Tsebo’s success.