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ATS Nourish Campaign launched to improve the health and wellness of client employees


The World Health Organisation Research (WHO) 1 shows that unhealthy employees are less productive as bad nutrition has various side effects such as fatigue, possible diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, experts have proven that a person’s bad eating habits often originate in the workplace.

For this reason, ATS International, the leader in remote service solutions, has adapted its nutritional offerings at its remote customer sites to provide healthier meal options to its customers’ employees and is proud to announce the launch of the ATS Nourish Campaign, an initiative that seeks to improve the health and wellness of a client’s workforce.

“We identified a need to educate and encourage healthier eating habits at our client sites. We are committed to empowering their staff to make healthier choices that will see them performing at their best while also ensuring they remain healthy. At present, the ATS Nourish Campaign has been implemented in Kenya and Guinea and we have received positive feedback from our clients. We will be launching the ATS Nourish Campaign in Ghana in September,” explains David Hutchinson, Managing Director of ATS International.

ATS’s already delicious meals now include a healthy eating option; and the chefs and Nourish Ambassadors can engage with the clients to discuss their daily dietary needs – in consultation with the individual’s active lifestyle.

The campaign includes extensive training for ATS’s chefs; sourcing the best produce; and using the best cooking methods to deliver meals of value; taste and energy. Clients are encouraged to set their SMART goals along with the ATS NOURISH team and their doctor; learning about BMI; exercise and calorie intake – and the ‘perfect plate’.

According to Doctor Myron Elias (BSc MBBCh DipPEC (SA), who was asked to review the ATS Nourish Campaign’s chef guide, the programme has all the right principles that can be widely applied to produce wholesome and exciting menus in even the most isolated locations. “This comprehensive guide puts the role of the chef right back where it belongs – the provider and guardian of good health. Not only does the chef now know how and what to prepare, but also why the food is prepared.”

The ATS Nourish Campaign will be rolled out at selected ATS customer sites across Africa, where chefs will provide employees with interactive training sessions. In addition, table talkers and posters will be updated every month with valuable nutritional information to encourage patrons to make healthier choices both in the workplace, as well as at home.
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Future plans for the Nourish campaign include rolling it out in more countries, further adopting the programme to meet specific client site requirements and even offering packaged healthy snacks to purchase in local shops.

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