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Val de Vie sings Thorburn’s praises in the latest edition of The Grapevine magazine

During the early stages of establishing Val de Vie Estate – a global leader in luxury wellness estates – the developers realised that security was paramount to creating an unrivalled lifestyle offering where residents could live a carefree, luxurious life without concern about crime, or for their safety.

As a leading security provider, Thorburn Security Solutions was hired to provide effective, holistic security that progresses with an ever-changing risk environment and conveys a sense of safety while remaining unobtrusive so as not to compromise the serenity of the landscape.

Aside from barrier protection for the 15.5km perimeter and access control across six main points, Thorburn also provides 24/7 security for the housing, a hotel and spa, conference rooms and function venues, a retirement village, a preschool, restaurants and wine cellar, and retail facilities. The estate includes three wellness and lifestyle centres, equestrian facilities comprising 100 stables, a polo academy and fields. Also, a signature golf course, 300 hectares parks, fynbos and wildlife reserves, and farms and lakes across 917 hectares.

The result is an excellent relationship with the client – which functions as a partnership – and has won Thorburn praise in the latest edition of The Grapevine, Val de Vie’s official quarterly mouthpiece for the homeowner’s association.

“It remains a rewarding experience working with Thorburn. Staff training, risk assessments and continual upgrades on the existing security offering means that the latest and best in technology and tactical security is implemented,” says Louis de Jager, Security and Risk Manager for Val de Vie.

“Thorburn has created a holistic, ever-evolving safety and security matrix that not only prevents unwanted elements from entering the estate but also maintains control of unwanted behaviour on the estate.”

Thorburn and Val de Vie work closely together to solve challenges, implement solutions and evolve security systems to stay ahead of risk factors. The ultimate result being that Val de Vie was voted the safest house in Africa six years ago and has maintained its standing as a safe and secure place for its residents to call home.

“Let’s show our gratitude and respect towards the Thorburn team. It is after all thanks to them that we are all sleeping soundly at night,” De Jager says.

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