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Celebrating Tsebo.

Thank you for half a century of uplifting society, as well as serving and developing people.

Celebrating Tsebo.

Imagine what we can achieve together in the next 50 years.

Tsebo’s Tech Whizz, Jacqui Mathebula, Says Grab All Opportunities

Jacqui Mathebula has been with Tsebo for 12 years and is proud to be part of the Tsebo family. She started as a cleaner, and a chance encounter in the lady’s bathroom changed her life and jump-started her career. For her, it has been incredible working with a company that notices employee potential long before you do, and finds a way to nurture it.

Jacqui recalls how shy she was on her first day at Tsebo and how her supervisor encouraged her to speak up. Although this was a challenge for her, she started by greeting people. Her shyness meant she would come in to work early to clean before anyone else got there to avoid interacting with people. She was always dedicated to the job, making sure that she cleaned perfectly, which meant Tsebo clients had the highest praise for her.

The first step in the right direction

In 2019, she was noticed for her enormous potential by CEO Chris Jardine and Faith Burn, former Group Chief Information Officer. Faith approached Jacqui and asked her if she would like to work with her. Jacqui went on to become Faith’s personal assistant, completing an internship in the IT department. The role meant she had to start connecting and interacting with the people around her. She was the first point of contact when people entered the office, which helped her gain confidence and overcome her shyness.

Thinking back on that time, Jacqui fondly recalls: “Even though I was shy, Faith saw something in me. She looked past the shyness and believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.”

She admits that although she was working in IT, she needed help to get basic tasks done. This meant that she had to ask for help and was pleasantly surprised by everyone at Tsebo’s willingness to assist. As a result, she is now quite the tech whizz and has become the go-to person when other people need assistance.

“Once I gained confidence and skills, I was out of my cage. I was ready to make phone calls, send emails and talk to anyone from anywhere without being shy or second-guessing myself,” she laughs.

Working for Tsebo is rewarding

She sees herself as very much part of the Tsebo family. We’ve been there for her throughout her journey and helped her to grow. Jacqui is a proud Tsebo advocate and cannot imagine working anywhere else.

During her time at Tsebo, she has used the resources available to her full advantage to further her development and career. She encourages those around her to ask questions and seek guidance and assistance when necessary, saying: “Don’t be afraid to ask; it will show that you are willing to learn and take on more.”

Jacqui has been on numerous development and IT training courses, and her willingness to make the most of the opportunities we’ve provided means she’s been promoted to Front Office Administrator at Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions, where she continues her development journey. It’s no wonder that Chris has commented that he knows she will still go very far in her career. Her journey is evidence that we value our employees and are always looking to find ways of upskilling staff.

Words of wisdom for future Tsebo employees

When it comes to welcoming new staff members to the ever-expanding Tsebo family, Jacqui has this advice: “You cannot be shy; you need to put yourself out there so that they can take notice of you. Tsebo will never shame you for not knowing anything; it is a place that will help you grow as long as you want to grow.”

She looks forward to further developing herself and excelling in her career at Tsebo. The future of Tsebo – and Jacqui’s career – is bright. Jacqui believes that “Tsebo is not turning back; it’s moving forward. I look forward to being part of Tsebo’s journey for the next 50 years.”