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Thorburn Technology Solutions with Stephan Botha

In a drive to offer our clients the best possible security and protection, Thorburn Security Solutions has expanded its offering to include a range of industry-specific and specialised services. These solutions can be tailored to cater to the niche requirements of your businesses and our tactical response can be scaled up or down in response to the risk environment.

As a company, Thorburn has taken the strategic decision to invest heavily in innovation and leading-edge technology. Our tactical officers are highly trained and equipped with a full range of weaponry – from non-lethal to less lethal and lethal. They are also supported by a full range of armoured vehicles, helicopters, drones, and thermal surveillance instruments.

Thorburn’s surveillance vehicles and drones offer 360-degree thermal cameras with video analytics to feed information back to an on-site mobile command centre or its state-of-the-art National Control and Command Centres (NCCs) where intelligence officers monitor and offer strategic advice to security officers on the ground.

Watch this video, in which I discuss some of the advances Thorburn is making to maintain our position as a leading security, risk mitigation, and protection company.