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The Science of Cleaning and Hygiene | Winter | June 2020


At times, one tends to overlook the important contribution of some of the role players when confronted by a disaster and crisis such as the one we have been experiencing during the past months.

Management of hospital hygiene and health care waste is an integral part of infection control at the Urology Hospital, Pretoria. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Annah and her Cleaning Services team became an integral part of going the extra mile in cleaning, disinfecting and managing all cleaning services in the hospital. They assisted in prioritising problems that were encountered and supported the COVID-19 team fully by following the standard precautions identified that were put in place to combat cross infection.

I would like to discuss some ways in which teamwork improved and wish to give recognition to Annah and her Cleaning solutions team as key role players in contributing to the delivery of high standard hygiene services in an efficient and more enjoyable way, remembering that the main goal is always quality service delivery.

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