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The role of AI and robotics in the future of contract cleaning

The multi-tasking capabilities of robotic floor cleaners, which can clean and track data in real-time, offer new levels of control and service excellence for the industry.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics is one of the biggest advancements to hit the contract cleaning industry in recent years. Although it’s still a fairly new concept in South Africa, large equipment manufacturers in Europe and the United Sates, like Nilfisk and Tennant, are already putting someof this equipment to market, with an emphasis on vacuum cleaners and auto-scrubbers. Some of these autonomous floor scrubbers even check stock levelson supermarket shelves while cleaning the floors!

By taking advantage of the innovative technology available, the industry is able to enhance its service excellence through data tracking and verification.

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By: Johan le Roux – Divisional Manager, Tsebo Specialised Cleaning