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Tsebo’s Sustainability Journey unlocks valuable insights at media roundtable event

We recently unveiled insights from our inaugural sustainability report at a media roundtable event. This report is a testament to Tsebo’s unwavering commitment to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework that has been fostered over decades.

The gathered media was privy to a deep dive into our holistic approach to sustainability, which went beyond just business metrics. The report underscored how Tsebo not only champions sustainable business services but is also dedicated to initiatives that prioritise the environment and communities in which we operate.

­­­­­­­Joint CEOs, Tim Walters and Dr Chris Jardine, highlighted the company’s varied solutions, from green building design and efficient energy management to innovative enterprise and supplier development initiatives. They remarked, “We know that challenges will persist, and it’s uplifting to know that our broad range of solutions assists in addressing many of these. Through meaningful partnerships with our clients and local communities, we are on course to accelerate our ESG initiatives. In doing so, we are in the privileged position of being able to align and propel the shared goals of our clients and partners”.

Jardine re-emphasised Tsebo’s ESG position at the event. He shed light on Tsebo’s ambition to operate as a strategic ESG accelerator, aiming to collaborate with entities with the same vision to achieve ESG milestones more productively.

Further enriching the discourse, Jardine introduced a panel of subject matter experts: Melusi Maposa, the Group’s Chief Sales and Marketing Director, who shared insights on Environmental Sustainability with a particular focus on Energy Consumption Reduction; Elanie Kruger, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, who presented on Social Sustainability; and Walters who articulated perspectives on derived Governance principles.

The shared insights reaffirm Tsebo’s position as a proactive advocate for a sustainable and inclusive business future.