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Tsebo has extensive experience in supporting our clients across a diverse range of industry sectors across Africa Middle East.



Thought Leadership: Group CEO – Chris Jardine, featured by Business Day Empowerment on the importance of business transformation

Dr Chris Jardine, Group CEO of Tsebo Solutions Group, Africa’s leading integrated workplace management solutions provider, shares his thoughts with BusinessDay Empowerment on how the real value of his organisation comes from upskilling its people. “This is where the rubber hits the road for us. In our over 50-year-strong quest to build a brighter future […]

The Shopper

In celebration of women’s month our exceptional chefs and dietitians have teamed up to bring you a wide variety of delicious recipes that are bound to tantalize your taste buds! Click here to access recipes

Tsebo Workplace Design – Workplace Strategy

Downsizing or consolidating? Tsebo Workplace Design can enhance your work and employee experience through optimal space usage to reduce rental costs and improve performance. We apply change management for effective employee engagement and satisfaction when consolidating, merging or moving office space. For more information visit https://tsebofacilities.com/tsebo-workplace-design-workplace-of-the-future/, or get in touch info@tseboworkplace.com. Please contact us for […]

Tsebo accelerates staff dining with the launch of Impilenhle

Tsebo Catering Solutions recently launched a new workplace canteen solution called Impilenhle which means “health”, as a unique catering offering which embodies the idea of traditionally African food with a healthier twist. Impilenhle also transforms the traditional staff canteen into a modern-day escape that is clean, comfortable and relaxing for employees when socialising. Click here […]

Tsebo Workplace Design Booking System

Are you experiencing problems with office capacity? Tsebo Workplace Design can implement an intelligent booking system that allows you to organise your office space while keeping your employees safe. For more information visit https://tsebofacilities.com/tsebo-workplace-design-workplace-of-the-future or get in touch info@tseboworkplace.com. Click here to download our flyer Please contact us for more information I want to receive […]

Tsebo Facilities Engineering Solutions

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Proven expertise. Increased efficiency. Reduced downtime and costs. Tsebo Facilities Management Solutions provides general building services, corrective and preventative maintenance, as well as Health & Safety checks to power systems and plant equipment. From simple repairs to complex technical assistance, we are able to meet your everyday needs through a range of services […]

Facilities Company Profile

FACILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR AFRICA MIDDLE EAST We provide our clients with a reliable business infrastructure. We create ideal working environments bymaintaining infrastructure through the delivery of essential support services, all backed by our robust technical architecture and client service flair. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver continuous cost benefits, while improving the quality […]

Movers and Shakers

Tsebo Catering Solutions recently appointed a team of segment directors to ensure all segments stay relevant and innovative to our current clients. Our approach to the segmented business model is to focus on bringing delectable cuisine to the forefront of our client and customer offering, with an aim to make Tsebo Catering the service provider […]

Winter Temptations

We all know winter foods are food that should feed more than just the body, it must satisfy the soul as well. The best way is not to feel that something is withheld, but rather eat your favourites with some smart changes to the old family recipes. Click here to access recipes reviewed and prepared […]

The Fresh-Faced Future of Catering

With Tsebo celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the Catering division is propelling itself into the next half-century with a streamlined business model and refreshed branding that speaks to the division’s love for good food prepared with passion. Having taken on the role of Catering CEO just prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, […]

National Control and Command Centre

Tsebo Solutions Group: Using technology to drive safety and efficiency for workplaces of the future. By adding a second National Control and Command Centre, Tsebo Solutions Group is bolstering its ability to provide cost-effective, quality solutions to clients. Download the brochure Click to view the video

Tsebo 50th : where did it all begin?

Did you know that the Tsebo we know and love evolved from a catering contract back in 1971? Fedics pioneered the contract catering industry in South Africa and, as the brand developed, was responsible for many firsts in the company as well as the country. For example, in 1982, Fedics implemented its first affirmative action […]

What is happening in the hygiene and pest control arena?

With the increase in COVID-19 infections, the message in hygiene is clearer than ever; that no organisation can afford to compromise on the fundamentals of hygiene in the workplace. It is expected that there will be an enhanced focus on wellness and workplace readiness for hygiene products. Hygiene has evolved from a ‘nice to have’ […]

5 decades of Golden History

Did you know that in 1994, Tsebo was awarded Sancorp’s Investor in People Award, followed in 1995 by the Black Management Forum’s Most Progressive Company of the Year Award? To discover more of these incredible milestones in our history, download our Golden History Highlights poster and infographic.

Tsebo Facilities Solutions Data Centre

THE CHALLENGE The impact of equipment failure in data centres can be catastrophic, both for data centre operators and the owners of data. While effective data centre design is an extremely important factor in minimising the risk of failure, a professional, considered maintenance regime further reduces risk and prolongs the economic life of the client’s […]

Tsebo supports development and growth

When opportunity meets a brave, hard-working individual, it results in success. I would like to introduce you to a remarkable woman and her story. Mathapelo Makoro was born on 23 November 1983, to Benedicta Makoro. She grew up without a father, under the nurturing hands of her mother. Times were hard and although her mother […]

Tsebo Workplace Design – workplace of the future

WHO WE ARE Tsebo Workplace Design is a Level 1 B-BBEE company, providing comprehensive and flexible workplace solutions delivered by our highly professional team. Our philosophy follows sustainable, ‘green’ design and we are experts in interior architecture with ample experience in optimising office space. We specialise in WPS Office (a small and fast suite of […]

How to reduce your company’s carbon footprint: taking steps in the right direction

Concerns about global warming and environmental health risks have given rise to a new era of sustainability. Everyone has the responsibility to move towards more socially and ecologically responsible business practices that will prevent more ecological repercussions such as global warming. Consumers across the globe are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and companies are engaging in […]

The Shopper – Sensational Soups | Winter | June 2021

DID YOU KNOW?  The most popular soup variety is Chicken Noodle. Women are two times more likely to order soup. Soups are classified into two groups: clear and thick. The word ‘soup’ is of Sanskrit origin derived from ‘su’ and ‘po’ that means good nutrition. Soup can be served hot or cold. Soup dates back […]

The Science of Cleaning and Hygiene | Winter | June 2020

THE IMPORTANCE OF HOSPITAL HYGIENE AND CLEANING SERVICES At times, one tends to overlook the important contribution of some of the role players when confronted by a disaster and crisis such as the one we have been experiencing during the past months. Management of hospital hygiene and health care waste is an integral part of […]

Tsebo Workplace Design

Bespoke integrated workplace management solutions built upon 50 years of proven experience. CHALLENGE A new way of working has arrived, many companies will need to respond cost effectively and swiftly. SOLUTION Tsebo Workplace Design integrates industry best practice, thus accelerating your ability to respond, while you focus on productivity and return on investment. To learn […]

World Environment Day – 5 June

World Environment Day is one of the biggest annual events organised by the United Nations (UN) to generate awareness about the significance of nature and greenery, celebrated on the 5th of June. The theme for this year is “Ecosystem Restoration” and we’d like to encourage and remind everyone that nature should not be taken for […]

Potential Misrepresentation of Tsebo name in the media

Tsebo Group is aware that a company that trades as Tsebo Business Intelligence, has been named in the Zondo Commission of Inquiry and related media articles. The Tsebo Group, its subsidiaries, directors, and executives are in no way associated with Tsebo Business Intelligence Services.

Today is Hand Hygiene Day.

Today is Hand Hygiene Day. World Hand Hygiene Day: “Clean hands save lives” The WHO slogan this year is ‘CLEAN HANDS SAVE LIVES’. Correct hand washing techniques go a long way in keeping oneself and others around us safe amid the pandemic. So we have prepared eight simple and essential steps for everyone to follow. […]

Planetary Health Diet

The Planetary Health Diet is a flexitarian diet that is largely plant based, but it can optionally include modest amounts of fish, meat and dairy products. Click here to download full article

Thorburn Thought Leaders – Stephan Botha

Security was one of few industries that operated at capacity during South Africa’s hard lockdown. With no handbook to negotiate Covid-19, Stephan Botha, CEO Thorburn Security Solutions, and his team relied on agility, communication and technology to rapidly react to clients’ changing needs Future generations will be told stories of how overnight South Africa’s bustling […]

Tsebo Thought Leaders – Wynand Louw

Food plays a vital role in health and wellbeing, so when businesses shut down their canteens, restaurants and coffee shops as a result of lockdown restrictions, Wynand Louw, CEO Catering for the Tsebo Solutions Group and his team applied innovation, commitment and communication to ensure business continuity. From the Bubonic plague to Ebola, pandemics have […]

Tsebo Safety First

As a result of our strict health and safety requirements already implemented, Tsebo Catering Solutions was able to seamlessly transition to COVID-19 protocols and ensured that clients continue to enjoy quality meals and high standards of service. Click here and skip to page 26 to read the article.

Tsebo Thought Leaders – Monwabisi Kalawe

With more people demanding safe work environments that are regularly cleaned and disinfected, Monwabisi Kalawe, CEO Cleaning for the Tsebo Solutions Group, reflects on how Covid-19 has elevated the importance of his industry in the minds of the public. If 2020 was a year of resilience, where organisations from across all sectors and industries fought […]